Things I’m Not Looking Forward To In College

A couple days ago, I did a post on Things I'm Looking Forward To In College, and this is the opposite post of that. As of this post going on, I have exactly one week until classes begin, and I'm excited (though also a little terrified). However, as I mentioned in my last post, there … Continue reading Things I’m Not Looking Forward To In College

Things I’m Looking Forward To In College

Since I'm going to be starting college in a little over a week, you should probably expect to see many more college-themed blog posts. Probably because my mind will be on college, so it will make keeping up with my blog posts much easier if I don't have to think about two things at once. … Continue reading Things I’m Looking Forward To In College

My Favorite Book of the Year: 2019-2010

So today I'm starting a new series on my blog. I will be counting back my favorite book published in one year, starting from 2019, and going back until I run out of books I've read published in that year. I've seen a few blogs doing this, but usually it is only looking at the … Continue reading My Favorite Book of the Year: 2019-2010

My Thoughts on Cliffhangers

In a recent book I read and reviewed, Sky Without Stars, I found myself noticing that many of the chapters ended in cliffhangers. While I'm not adverse to having an occasional cliffhanger, I found the constant use of them in that book to be a bit tiring. The book got me thinking about cliffhangers in … Continue reading My Thoughts on Cliffhangers

Reading Wrap-up: July, 2019

It is so hot here in Ohio! It's the main reason summer is my least favorite season, because I'm like a flower: I wilt in heat. Anyway, this month I read twenty-two books, and two short stories. I'm proud of this, because I have been busy with college orientation and figuring out class schedule and … Continue reading Reading Wrap-up: July, 2019