Madame Writer’s Blog

As a millennial writer living in the new era of writing and media, I am trying to link the ancient art of literature with the modern world of text lingo. Check out my blogs posted frequently, from how to write tips and tricks to TV and book reviews.

Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite quotes from some of my posts.

“Again, I’m not a scientist; I’m just a writer who loves languages.” Reasons to Study a New Language

” ‘I’m melting!’ never seemed so real before.” True Stories Behind Fairytales

“At the very least, it is an over-dramatic statement. At the most, it can be highly detrimental to any blossoming writer by forcing them to focus on a problem that is nonexistent.” “Show Don’t Tell” Is a Lie

“…I understand that everyone likes books for very different reasons…It is just that, as a writer, I value the qualities it takes to make a good book—pacing, characters, setting, description, etc. So when authors do not employ good workmanship into their writing, it vexes me.” Popular Books I Dislike

“These characters are like a cloak which surrounds the villain, keeping their identity or wrong-doings hidden.” Those Surrounding a Villain: Creating Good Secondary Antagonists

“I could write this poem easily (and I am not anywhere near to being a poet). It does not have any depth into the human soul. It is simple.” Traditional Poetry vs. Modern Poetry

“So yes, a lot of books were consumed this year.” The Best and Worst of 2017 in Books

“Speaking of tea, I think I want some. Or some Ramen. Yes…ramen.” American vs. Korean Dramas