Camp NaNoWriMo Day 7

Today, I didn’t have much time to write. I took my weekly visit to the library, returning with arms filled with books. And then I shampooed the rest of my carpets (which took about four and a half hours). And later, I promised my family I would make dinner for them. So, honestly, I didn’t even start writing until late in the evening. Usually, I try to get my writing done in the morning so I don’t have to worry about it later. Since that wasn’t an option this morning, I didn’t get much writing done today.

Saying that, I may write more words later tonight after this post goes up and I’ll just add it to my word count for tomorrow. I am ahead in my schedule, so I’m not too worried about getting only a bit of writing done.

Daily Summary

Words written today: 842

Total words written: 13,956/50,000

Goal words needed: 11,291/50,000

Difference: 2,665 words head of schedule

Current chapter: Chapter 4

Time spent writing: 1.5 hours

Current weather: Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh, what a beautiful day! I’ve got a beautiful feeling everything’s going my way! (If you know that reference, you’re awesome!)

Tips: How many POV characters are too much. I personally say there has to be equal or less than the fingers on one hand, so five or less characters. If you have more POV characters, it can be overwhelming to the reader.

Extra notes: Tea is one of my personal joys when I write. I find it ironic that it is 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside and I still must have my cup of hot tea.


Day 7 complete! See you tomorrow!

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