Daily Thought #60

It is the first day of March. Spring is just around the corner and I swore I saw geese flying north just the other day. As warmth seeps in and the cold is purged, we prepare for vacations, summer activities, and emerge from our hibernation holes to glimpse the dawning sun.

Spring has always been thought of as the beginning of life. Leaves and flowers die in the fall, only to be resurrected when the spring comes. Life is very similar to a year’s seasons. We are born, we grow, we get old, and we die. If you are Christian, than you believe life does not simply end at this and that we will live again with God in Heaven. Even if you do not believe in God or heaven, only a fool would not admit that Spring is a beautiful thing.

While I am not too fond of the outdoors (my allergies and sensitivity to light make it impossible to go outside much), I love spring because there is so much color. Emerald grass. Bright flowers. Blue sky.

Even if you have allergies, go outside as it gets warmer and notice all the beauty on earth. You will not regret it!

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