Daily Thought #58

There is a quote on Pinterest that start like this: “I was talking to someone today and we were talking about books and he said that it’s stupid when people cry over fictional deaths. I was standing there for a solid minute then said, ‘I cry over fictional deaths.'”

It got me thinking about why we feel so attached to fictional characters (either in books or in TV shows). Why everyone was devastated when the Red Wedding occurred in Game of Thrones but rejoiced when Joffrey was poisoned? Why are some so emotionally attached to mere words on a page?

But, to me, it is more than that. If the author does it right, the characters come alive just as much as real people do. Their motivations are relatable. We feel empathy for these characters. One of the reasons I encourage reading is because it is a gateway it other people’s head. A projection of a reality so different than our own. A way of seeing the world in different ways.

If you’re reading this, odds are you love reading as much as I do. If not, be a little more understanding of people who cry over fictional character’s deaths.

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