Daily Thoughts #43

I’ve talked a lot about novels on my blog, but there is one type of story that I am fond of that is rampant on Pinterest and Facebook but ignored in most literature. That is, the shortest stories ever: the two sentence stories. I am fascinated by this genre, considering how short it is and how I write the very opposite (as you probably know, I am a bit wordy).

I’ll give you an example of one such story.

“Remember when I said I didn’t kill her? I did.”

It is a very simple story, but a lot happens  in this short story. You probably have a lot of questions. The point of these stories seems to be to get across a point without getting into details like character, descriptions, and complex plot. These stories are to the point. Personally, I have trouble writing these simply because I tend to be more wordy, but it is a great format to play around with.

Pen some of these stories yourself. Have fun!

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