Daily Thought #38

There are a lot of little pet peeves I have in the books I read (I think every book lover does). One of these peeves for me has to do with change. To be more specific, character change.

We as people are always changing, whether in big ways or small ways. We may be getting more fearful or more cynical with every action and reaction we do. Those people who see you after years and say, “Oh, you haven’t changed a bit,” clearly didn’t know you to begin with.

So, when it comes to writing, one would expect characters (who are supposed to be fictional people) to change as well. And most writers realize that. Thus why we see writers trying to have their characters learn a lesson or change their opinion in books. However, often writers create change in characters without realizing how change comes about.

People do not suddenly change for no reason, or quickly. Change is gradual and with deep, psychological rational. For example, Harry Potter did not hate Voldemort because he was an evil wizard. No, he hated him because he murdered his parents and planned to kill all his friends. Elizabeth Bennett disliked Mr. Darcy from the beginning, but it took her an entire book to figure out he was a good man. People must have reasons for changing their opinion about something or someone, or changing themselves.

It’s something to think about when writing.

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