Daily Thought #28

A note on romance in fiction. That is, a complaint about said romance. Like many, I find romance interesting. Two characters falling in love sends the reader on a roller coaster of feels and drama. Whether or not the romance is doomed, there is a reason why almost every book has a hint of romance (that is, because it sells and is interesting). However, I have noticed some very disturbing themes when it comes to romance that, I believe, is twisted how people see romance. This is partially Hollywood as well, but books are incorporating these themes with similar ferocity.

One pet peeve I have about modern couples is that their relationship is based solely physical attraction. I am not saying that physical attraction is not important in a romantic relationship, but it is not everything. And yet it is in so many novels, without any indication of a deeper connection between characters. This is not universal, just common.

Another issue I see is how quickly relationships develop. In real life, things take time. Relationships (romantic or otherwise) develop over months and years. And yet I so often see romance in novels over a two day time period turn into what is supposed to be “true love.” No, I’m sorry, that is not true love, it is infatuation. It may turn into true love, but for now it’s just that.

What do you guys think of romance in modern novels? Has is gotten worse over time? Is there some pet peeve about romance that bothers you? Or do you like modern romance? If so, why? Let me know down in the comments.

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