Daily Thought #26

Video games has been a controversial topic for many years, whether it be about violence in video games or game addictions. Twenty years ago, the gaming industry was in its infancy and only “nerds” played games. Now, less than two decades later, the video game industry makes billions of dollars a year and you would be hard-pressed to find a millennial who does not at least dabble in gaming.

However, my perspective is always as a writer. While many play games for pleasure, entertainment, and to ward off boredom, I play (and watch others on Youtube play) video games to aid in writing. While movies/series are a great source for inspiration, games have a more hands-on approach. Games are more immersive than movies and more visual than books.

For example, if you are writing a dystonian steampunk novel, play Dishonored, Bioshock, or Frogwares’ Sherlock Holmes Series (or other similar games) to get the aura of such surroundings. Not only does it help me with descriptions, but because video games (especially indie video games) are so imaginative and unique, inspiration can come in unexpected places.

So, if you, as a writer, think you are too high above video games to play them, put aside those thoughts and watch/play a few. You might be surprised at how much more they help with writing the movies ever could.

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