Daily Thought #12

Let me talk a minute of the beauty of a onesie. There you are (and by you I mean me), just coming off being sick and having to work an eight-hour shift in a horrid job (and by horrid I mean retail). You get home, exhausted and ready to die. But wait! There is light in the distance as you reach your room and see something glowing in your closet. There it is: your onesie. It is waiting for you: a cheetah print jumpsuit topped with a hood ordained with ears and paw gloves for cold hands. It is perfect for writing your blog.

I think it is so important when you sit down to write to be in a good atmosphere. Many writers before I have talked about this (whether it be a quiet place or soft music). However, I think most people forget about how important clothing is when writing. For some people, regular clothes might do.

But for me I always recommend something comfortable. It might be your favorite onesie. It might be jeans and a T-shirt. Or your favorite pajamas. Whatever the case may be, writing is all about removing distractions and, when you are comfortable in your clothes, you will not always be noticing just how uncomfortable you are.

Of course, if you are writing a scene where your protagonist is stuffed inside a fancy dress she (or he: you never know) can barely breath in, maybe it might be a good idea to stand in their shoes!

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