Daily Thought #9

I am not the type of person to read new books. I’m the type that reads books hundreds of years old and, if I do read a modern book, I read it about two years after everyone else has raved about it. There are several reasons I do this. First, because honestly there are a lot of books that come out every year and, honestly, a lot of them suck. There is that amazing gem and that handful of pretty good books, but mostly I would not want to waste my time reading them.

So, if a book is out a couple years and it is still popular or a lot of people have talked about it, than I know it is probably worth my time. A notable exception would be Fifty Shades of Grey (which I refuse to ever read, as many of my writer friends–actually, all my friends–say it is so poorly written it is really not worth my time).

I certainly know that any book that has been reprinted and read for over a hundred years definitely has impressed a large amount of people, making it worth my time. However, another thing I want to endeavor to do this year is to read new books, making my own opinion and swimming through a mess of pages to find a true gem. And, of course, I plan to be reviewing many I read.

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