Book Review: The Alienist by Caleb Carr

No, this is not a book about aliens, as the title might make you surmise. Instead, it is a historical mystery about a psychologist, known at the time as an “alienist.” I was introduced to this book through its TV series adaptation released early in 2018, starring Luke Evans, Dakota Fanning, and Daniel Bruhl. I … Continue reading Book Review: The Alienist by Caleb Carr

TV Series Review: Riverdale

This series has been on my radar since it started airing at the beginning of 2017. And since the third season just started, I thought it would be the perfect time to binge-watch the first two seasons. There is one main reason I avoided this drama like wildfire and one reason I finally decided to … Continue reading TV Series Review: Riverdale

Korean Drama Review: Second Twenties

It’s been a while since I did a review which was not for a book and since I absolutely love foreign TV shows, particularly ones from China and Korea, I thought I’d share with you guys my thoughts about another one I just finished. Release: Aug. — Oct. 2015 Episode Count: 16 episodes. Plot Synopsis: … Continue reading Korean Drama Review: Second Twenties