Book Review: Hiroshima Diary by Michihiko Hachiya

If you haven't noticed, I've been writing a lot of book reviews lately and I apologize for the lack of diverse posts. I've been super busy, and yet the one thing I always have time for is reading. Besides, writing book reviews are the easiest posts for me to do, so for the next month … Continue reading Book Review: Hiroshima Diary by Michihiko Hachiya

St. Patrick’s Day Book Tag

For those who don't know, tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. I love anything Irish, whether it is classic Celtic music or Irish food like Irish Lamb Stew and soda bread. Plus, I so badly want to visit Ireland someday. So it seems perfect to do this book tag today. It was originally created by YouTube … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day Book Tag

Book Review: Popol Vuh

For years, I have enjoyed reading about mythology from around the world. Whether it is Ancient Greek and Roman myths or the stories of Chinese and Japanese Gods, or the ancient Celts origin stories, I loved it all. But the one place I haven't really read any myths about is South America. The problem with … Continue reading Book Review: Popol Vuh

Book Review: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

I saw the movie adaptation of this book when it first came out and while it was a little outrageous, I loved the casting choices and the hilarious jokes. My only complaint was the ending was a cliched, boring mess, but most of the movie was fun. Since then, I'm been hoping to find time … Continue reading Book Review: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Book Review: Orphan X by Greg Andrew Hurwitz

It looks like this week will be completely filled with book reviews again. Today's is a thriller. Now, thrillers and I have never been fond companions. I've tried to enjoy thrillers, but ultimately I have disliked (or at least not liked) pretty much every one I have read. The only ones which break this mold … Continue reading Book Review: Orphan X by Greg Andrew Hurwitz

Book Review: Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis

This is the second book by C.S. Lewis I've read in the last few months (the first being The Problem With Pain). I find his writing to be so delightfully simple and complex at the same time. You don't need a high vocabulary to read his books, and yet he breaks down extremely complicated concepts … Continue reading Book Review: Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis

Mardi Gras Book Tag

For those who don't know, tomorrow is Mardi Gras. As I know some of my readers who aren't in the US, Mardi Gras (also known as Fat Tuesday) originally started as a celebration before Lent (beginning the next day on Ash Wednesday). Traditionally, Lent is a time of fasting in the Catholic Church, so Mardi … Continue reading Mardi Gras Book Tag

Reading Wrap-up: February, 2019

I read 9 books this month, and two short stories. Not as good as my 17 from last month, but it's not completely horrible. And most of the books I really enjoyed. Before I get to my ratings, let's take a quick look at how my New Year's resolutions and reading challenges are going. Reading … Continue reading Reading Wrap-up: February, 2019

Book Review: The Bhagavad Gita

I have absolutely zero knowledge of the Hindu religion outside the fact that it believes in reincarnation. This is strange considering how much research I have done it many Asian religions (like Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, etc.). I came across this book among several lists of most important ancient books. It is a 700-verse scripture text … Continue reading Book Review: The Bhagavad Gita