Wrapping Up 2019

Well, 2019 is finally finishing tomorrow. I was just looking back on my wrap up of last year and I had said that nothing seemed to go right in 2018. For this year, it was pretty much the opposite. Everything just seemed to go so right, for multiple reasons. Anyway, like last year, I'm used … Continue reading Wrapping Up 2019

The Classes I’m Taking in College Fall, 2019+Books

I know what you're thinking: "Stop talking about your college and get back to your reading blog." Well, I'm sorry, but with two days left before classes start, it's pretty much all I'm thinking of. I have even slowed down my reading a bit in preparation. However, don't worry, for the next few weeks I … Continue reading The Classes I’m Taking in College Fall, 2019+Books

My Favorite Remade Songs

Outside of books and writing, I'm also a huge fan of music. Classics, oldies, modern, foreign, I love it all. So today I thought to post something totally different than usual. Today I'm going to share some of my favorite songs which are remakes of oldies. I Walk The Line This song was originally written … Continue reading My Favorite Remade Songs

I Finally Watched The New Aladdin Movie

I have an extremely mixed relationship with Disney live-action remakes. There are some I absolutely love (like Cinderella from 2015 and Alice in Wonderland from 2010). And then there are the ones I was extremely disappointed with (like Beauty and the Beast from 2017 and Maleficent from 2014). So when I heard that they were … Continue reading I Finally Watched The New Aladdin Movie

How Important Is It To Keep Learning?

I graduated from high school eight years ago, and I graduated from college four years ago. It seemed like a given that that is how life should be. After college, you go on with your life. Get a job, become more independent, and stop actively learning new things. That never settled well with me. I'm … Continue reading How Important Is It To Keep Learning?

Christmas Songs Book Tag

Christmas Eve is exactly two weeks away from today (Monday, Dec. 10), so I thought I'd do a few book tags this month. Unfortunately, I have searching for some good ones for weeks and had yet to find any I liked, mostly because the questions were pretty generic and ones I've answered multiple times (like … Continue reading Christmas Songs Book Tag

Book Review: Bel Canto by Ann Patchett

This book...this book...just why? If you are a regular follower of my blog, you probably read my mostly positive review of the movie released based on this book: Bel Canto. I really enjoyed the movie, so of course I was looking forward to reading the book it was based on. But let's just say that, … Continue reading Book Review: Bel Canto by Ann Patchett

My Favorite Halloween Songs

No October would be complete without listening to some Spooktober-themed music. So I compiled a short list of the songs that I often set on repeat during this month! These probably aren't the typical songs you see on Halloween song lists...but let's go anyway. Don't Fear The Reaper (The Spiritual Machines) This song is from … Continue reading My Favorite Halloween Songs

30 Question Song Challenge

I’ve done a couple tags on my favorite movies, but I’m surprised I’ve never done one on music (which I absolutely love). I was browsing Pinterest the other day (as I’m completely addicted—who needs Facebook and Twitter when you’ve got Pinterest) when I came across this 30 Day Song Challenge. As I usually don’t do … Continue reading 30 Question Song Challenge