My Favorite Book of the Year: 2009-2000

This is my second installment of the series, and be sure to check out my previous one before reading this one: My Favorite Book of the Year: 2019-2010 If this is the first post you are seeing of this series, it's a series where I take a look at my favorite book of certain years. … Continue reading My Favorite Book of the Year: 2009-2000

Reading Wrap-up: August, 2019

I'm currently a couple weeks into college, and super busy. During the first few weeks of August, I tried to read as much as possible to prepare for starting college, and I ended up finishing 19 books and 2 short stories. This is great, even more than my average of about fourteen books a month. … Continue reading Reading Wrap-up: August, 2019

Totally Didn’t Book Tag

Today is my first day of classes, and so I thought it would be great to do an entirely unrelated book tag, mostly because you guys are probably sick of me talking about college. This tag was created a couple months ago by Youtube channel BookswithEmilyFox, and it looked really interesting and unique to me. … Continue reading Totally Didn’t Book Tag

My Favorite Book of the Year: 2019-2010

So today I'm starting a new series on my blog. I will be counting back my favorite book published in one year, starting from 2019, and going back until I run out of books I've read published in that year. I've seen a few blogs doing this, but usually it is only looking at the … Continue reading My Favorite Book of the Year: 2019-2010

Which One is Better: Series Or Standalone?

I read...a lot. Anyone who has happened upon my blog will know this. And since I read a lot, I start to notice patterns. I've done several other posts on things that I like or that bother me in literature, but today I'm going to compare two types of books: a standalone and a series. … Continue reading Which One is Better: Series Or Standalone?

The Book Blogger Memory Challenge

A couple weeks ago, I came across this challenge on the web. I found it here, but when I tried to find the original creator, the link didn't work. I've probably never mentioned this one my blog, but I have an absolutely horrible memory. I have a great short-term memory, but if you ask me … Continue reading The Book Blogger Memory Challenge

Writing Tips I Can’t Stand!

I've been writing for years, and have done so much research on how to write I'm rather surprised that my brain hasn't exploded already. However, along with all the amazing advice I have found, there has also been the advice that either I thought instantly was horrible or now that I am older I realize … Continue reading Writing Tips I Can’t Stand!

Do I Have That Book Challenge

I've been meaning to do this challenge for months, since Lysi from Living One Day @ a Time did it last November. But due to me being busy and then moving (during which time my books were all packed), I wasn't able to do this challenge. But today I can! The main idea of this … Continue reading Do I Have That Book Challenge