Blog/Reading Goals 2019

Usually, I'm inclined not to have many New Year Goals, mostly because of the negative connotations around such resolutions and because they are difficult to follow. However, I wanted to share some general changes you will be seeing on my blog and my reading goals over the course of the coming year. So, this post … Continue reading Blog/Reading Goals 2019

Book Review: Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

I have seen this book (and its subsequent sequels) on bookstore shelves since I was a child. However, I never bothered to pick it up. I'm not sure why, since the cover is rather appealing. But, apparently the movie adaptation is being made, so I thought it was about time that I tried reading this … Continue reading Book Review: Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer

Merry Christmas!

Things are hectic at my house, with the holidays and selling my house, so I didn't have a post planned for today. But, since it's Christmas Eve, I thought I'd share my favorite Christmas poem with you. If you aren't Christian, you probably won't care for it, but it's my personal favorite! For reference, Longfellow … Continue reading Merry Christmas!

Book Review: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

I love Charles Dickens, but I have always had a negative view of this book through watching a couple adaptations of it growing up. For one, I hate the idea of a romance centering around a foolish man in love with a cruel woman. It's one of the main reasons I did not like reading … Continue reading Book Review: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Books I’m Looking Forward To in 2019

I was supposed to post a book review today (namely, Great Expectations), but unfortunately I'm still not done with it. So I'm throwing up this post today and then (let's hope) I'll post the book review on Saturday. So, I used to anticipate books coming out more, but this year I really haven't cared that … Continue reading Books I’m Looking Forward To in 2019