Top Historically Accurate Films

Let’s face it: as much as I love watching historical TV and movies, it’s rare to find ones that are actually accurate to history. Whether the creators changed a little bit or a lot (I’m looking at you, Reign!), it’s almost impossible to find a show that is really close to reality. So today I … Continue reading Top Historically Accurate Films

My Top 9 Favorite Banned Books

This week was the American Library Association’s (ALA) yearly Banned Books week (Sep. 24-30), meant to encourage intellectual freedom. Throughout history, certain books have been banned for various reasons—some understandable and some really stupid. However, some of these books are so great I cannot imagine why anyone would ban them. And yet it happens. So, … Continue reading My Top 9 Favorite Banned Books

Top 9 Series for Anyone Filled With Wanderlust

According to, wanderlust means “a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.” I love to travel and learn about new places. But let’s face it: time, money, and resources are limited to the majority of us who love to travel. So we often engage in our wanderlust through photography, books, TV, etc. So … Continue reading Top 9 Series for Anyone Filled With Wanderlust

Top 9 Non-English Countries for Cinema

When you hear the word cinema, odds are the picture American or British films and television will come to your mind. But the world is massive and many countries have created incredible cinema that has been sadly left in the shadows of big budget Hollywood motion pictures. So today I want to take a brief … Continue reading Top 9 Non-English Countries for Cinema

True Stories Behind Fairytales

Growing up, children love listening to fairytales or watching the many film adaptations of said tales. However, let’s face it. The majority of these stories have no semblance to reality. In many cases, these famous legends have been passed down for centuries as cautionary tales against being selfish, cruel, or any other vice. However, many … Continue reading True Stories Behind Fairytales

Top 9 Broadway Musicals You Didn’t Know Were Based on Books

Musicals are truly amazing. They are like movies, but with music and longer. And a surprising amount of them are based on books. When we hear the names of some of these Broadway plays, we immediately recognize the books they were inspired by, like West Side Story being based on Romeo and Juliet or The … Continue reading Top 9 Broadway Musicals You Didn’t Know Were Based on Books

Top 9 Gothic Romance Novelists

Romance novels in the U.S. make more money than any other genre, despite often being some of the most stereotypical and repetitive books. Why is this? Some people say it’s because we in America prefer to live in fantasy relationships over real relationships. I personally think this is not a true. Instead, people (mostly women) … Continue reading Top 9 Gothic Romance Novelists

Computer vs. Quill: Contrasting Writing Throughout the Ages

When modern authors want to write a book, they sit down in front of a computer screen and type. I personally type about fifteen hundred words per hour. Do the math and that means I could probably theoretically write a book in around sixty hours or less. Let’s say you write six hours a day … Continue reading Computer vs. Quill: Contrasting Writing Throughout the Ages