My Favorite Book Quotes #1

I keep a little notebook on my bookshelf filled with cool quotes I run across within books I’m reading. Recently, I’ve been enjoying reading other blogger’s talk about their favorite quote/quotes, either from individual books or books in general. So I’m starting a new series on my blog, where I’ll be sharing with all you … Continue reading My Favorite Book Quotes #1

The Book Life Tag

I’m not sure where this book tag originated, but I discovered it here. And no one tagged me. In fact, I really wouldn’t want to be tagged in any book tag. If I want to write something, I do it anyway. So no tagging to or from me. But this one looked like so much … Continue reading The Book Life Tag

Wattpad vs. Fictionpress: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

A while back (in the couple months last year when I was doing Daily Thoughts), I talked briefly about my experiences on some book sharing websites like Wattpad and Fictionpress. But I felt that a quick post about it really wasn’t enough to get all my thoughts onto the page. So I’ve finally got around … Continue reading Wattpad vs. Fictionpress: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Some Things I Didn’t Know About Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block. It’s something most writers suffer from. Though I’ve never gone through extended periods of inactivity, I have moved to different stories because I cannot figure out where one novel should go or how to rewrite it. There are tons of different blogs and videos on how to overcome this problem and everyone has … Continue reading Some Things I Didn’t Know About Writer’s Block

My Top 9 Favorite Banned Books

This week was the American Library Association’s (ALA) yearly Banned Books week (Sep. 24-30), meant to encourage intellectual freedom. Throughout history, certain books have been banned for various reasons—some understandable and some really stupid. However, some of these books are so great I cannot imagine why anyone would ban them. And yet it happens. So, … Continue reading My Top 9 Favorite Banned Books

Popular Books I Dislike

I read…a lot. But I’ve come to realize that what is popular is not always good. And before you ask, no, I am not talking about Twilight. It gets a bad rap, but the first book was actually decent. Before everyone gets upset, I understand that everyone likes books for very different reasons. And some … Continue reading Popular Books I Dislike

Clothing Your Characters

In any story, characters are probably the most important aspect. But just how important are the clothes they wear? The answer is simple: extremely important. Most authors don’t realize just how important fashion is in fiction. So today, I’m going to be talking about just that: character fashion, its importance in stories, and some tips … Continue reading Clothing Your Characters