True Stories Behind Fairytales

Growing up, children love listening to fairytales or watching the many film adaptations of said tales. However, let’s face it. The majority of these stories have no semblance to reality. In many cases, these famous legends have been passed down for centuries as cautionary tales against being selfish, cruel, or any other vice. However, many … Continue reading True Stories Behind Fairytales

Scaring a Reader: Techniques to Create Terrifying Horror Stories

For over a century, authors such as Bram Stoker and Edgar Allan Poe have been scaring people with truly bone-chilling horror fiction. If you, like me, love to both watch and read horror (whether historical or modern), you will be aware that certain tropes are used a lot in this particular genre (like the absurd … Continue reading Scaring a Reader: Techniques to Create Terrifying Horror Stories

The Dangerous Method of Passive Protagonists

There are many types of characters in fiction—villain, mentor, etc.—and each is important to any story. But none is more important than that of the protagonist.  A Protagonist, after all, is the person which the conflict and action focuses around (not to be confused with the narrator, as The Great Gatsby has proven). They are … Continue reading The Dangerous Method of Passive Protagonists

Top 9 Gothic Romance Novelists

Romance novels in the U.S. make more money than any other genre, despite often being some of the most stereotypical and repetitive books. Why is this? Some people say it’s because we in America prefer to live in fantasy relationships over real relationships. I personally think this is not a true. Instead, people (mostly women) … Continue reading Top 9 Gothic Romance Novelists