Midterms and Sanity: College/Life Updates

So, I am currently about halfway into my first semester back in college and I realize I haven't really given you any updates on my college and classes. This is mostly because I've been so busy. This week is especially tough, as midterms are here and I've been lacking sleep for the last couple weeks. … Continue reading Midterms and Sanity: College/Life Updates

Blog/Reading Goals 2019

Usually, I'm inclined not to have many New Year Goals, mostly because of the negative connotations around such resolutions and because they are difficult to follow. However, I wanted to share some general changes you will be seeing on my blog and my reading goals over the course of the coming year. So, this post … Continue reading Blog/Reading Goals 2019

Happy Halloween and NaNoWriMo Announcement (Help me pick out my story!)

The night has come When the dead rise from their graves To haunt the earth at night And unsuspecting children don disguises Of witches and sprites The pumpkins are carved Candy is waiting to be treated And yet still a chill Covers the streets and the laughter fades Silent and still Halloween has ended... Happy … Continue reading Happy Halloween and NaNoWriMo Announcement (Help me pick out my story!)

Happy Easter and National Poetry Month!

I don't usually post on Sundays, but I had to today for two reasons. First, to wish you all... Second, to give a big announcement for next month. For those who don't know, April is National Poetry Month. Last November, I successfully completely National Novel Month for the first time (the goal was to complete … Continue reading Happy Easter and National Poetry Month!