The Universes Collide Book Tag

Here is the final tag I’m going to be doing this week. You’re probably completely sick of book tags from me, but in my personal opinion, I think this one is the best. This tag was created by Mason in the Dark over on Youtube. I recently discovered his channel due to this tag and he’s such a hilarious channel! I originally saw this one Book Buds channel.

So, let’s get into the tag!

1- The Switch Up: Choose 2 protagonists from different series that you would like to see swap.

Book Cover
Book Cover

I’m going to go with Thomas from The Maze Runner and Katniss from The Hunger Games. Both of these worlds have similarities. Both are brutal, throwing young teens in situations which will result in their deaths. So I feel like these two would be able to switch and still do pretty well.

However, as characters they could not be more different. Katniss is a passive protagonist, surviving but just kind of going along with what life throws at her. Thomas is the opposite. He is action oriented, not doing simply what he is told but seeking out to solve the maze and escape the Glade on his own. So I would be really curious to see how the switching of these two protagonists would change the narrative of each book.

2- V is for Villiany: Choose a villain you would like to see get their own story.

See the source image

I’m going to pick Sauron from The Lord of the Rings. According to Tolkien, he is the closest to pure evil which ever existed. I would be really interested to get a full origin book about him. I believe he is mentioned is Tolkien’s other writing like The Silmarillion, but I would love a full book narrating his descent into evil.

Maybe this has to do with my fascination with real people throughout history who have done great evil. I’m fascinated in reading about serial killers and understanding why they killed people. Also, dictator leaders like Hitler and Stalin. So it would make sense that I would want to understand the most famous fictional bad guys as well.

3- The Adaptation: Choose a character you would like to see get novelized.

See the source image

I thought about this a lot. My first thought was to go with some movie character like Indiana Jones, but unfortunately he had some book made about him. And then I thought of video games and I finally settled on Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series.

I’m a massive fan of treasure hunting movies and games, and these are some of the best! Nathan Drake is a treasure hunter, going on adventures to seek ancient lost treasures. If you are a fan of The Mummy movies or Lara Croft, this series is for you.

Saying that, I think it would transfer perfectly over into books. In the video I recorded for this tag, I mentioned I would love to see a movie version as well, and turns out they are making it (even if the casting looks so horrible I can pretty much guarantee I won’t like it). But anyways, I would love to see a book series about Nathan Drake’s adventures.

4- The Crossover: Choose 2 characters from different universes you would like to see interact.

Book Cover
Book Cover

For this one, I am picking an unexpected couple: Peter Pan from Peter Pan and Wendy and Dumbledore from the Harry Potter series (or honestly any wise mentor in literature).

For me, these two could not be more different. Peter Pan is childlike, cruel, and immature. Dumbledore is wise and gentle. I cannot imagine how strange it would be for them two to sit down and just talk. Would they hate each other or would they both learn something from the other?

5- Tonal Shift: Choose a story to give a different tone or genre to.

Book Cover

When I think of two tones which would be really weird to put together, it would be horror and comedy (the point of horror is to increase tension, while comedy is used to release tension). So wouldn’t it be perfect to take a horror book about a clown and turn it into a horror comedy! I just really want to see It as a horror comedy now!

In fact, just any book by Stephen King would fit as answering this tonal shift. Just make his books lighter and more hilarious and Pennywise would be great! Also, there is something hilariously ironic about some of his books. A prom queen who goes crazy and kills everyone at the prom, a clown demon who torments a town, a fan who kidnaps and tortures her favorite author. All kind of ridiculous premises.

6. Tag Someone!

As always, I won’t be tagging anymore, but if you want to do this tag, consider yourself tagged and I’d love to read your answers.

What are some switches you would make? Any villain you would like to get their own story? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments, thank you so much for reading, follow my blog for more musings and, as always,

Best wishes in your life full of adventure,


5 thoughts on “The Universes Collide Book Tag

  1. I have to say, the film adaptation of ‘IT’ from a few years ago turned it into comedy (maybe unintentionally!) – there was so much CGI on the clown that he wasn’t even scary – and I do scare easily!

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