TV Series Review: I Am The Night

The Black Dahlia Murder of 1947 has fascinated detectives and amateurs alike for years. There are few people in America who haven't heard of the horrific murder of Elizabeth Short, known more commonly as the Black Dahlia. But most probably don't know anything about one of the main suspects: George Hodel. I love true crime … Continue reading TV Series Review: I Am The Night

Book Review: Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

This book has been on my peripheral for a few years, but it wasn't on the top of my list until I say the trailer for the movie adaptation in 2018. The trailer looked interesting and though the movie got pretty bad reviews, it made me curious to read the book. So, here I am … Continue reading Book Review: Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

Contenders for the Second Book Curse

We've all felt that sensation as readers. You discover a book and fall in love with it. Everything is perfect. Then you learn it's the first book of the series. And you wait with anticipated breath for the second book to be released (or be delivered to your library, if you discover a series already … Continue reading Contenders for the Second Book Curse

Book Reviews: A Hero Born (Legends of the Condor Heroes #1) by Jin Yong

I have mentioned this frequently on my blog before, but I am a massive fan of Chinese dramas, especially Wuxia dramas. Wuxia pretty much combins martial arts with heroes (wu 武 meaning military and xia 俠 meaning hero or chivalrous person). Probably the most famous Wuxia author is China was Louis Cha, who wrote under … Continue reading Book Reviews: A Hero Born (Legends of the Condor Heroes #1) by Jin Yong

Manga Series Review: Death Note

Right...where should I start with this series? It's a manga, released from 2003 to 2006. It took the world by storm. By the world, I am being serious. It has prompted many tv and movie adaptations, both in Japan and America. If you ask any anime/manga fan which series is probably the most popular, this … Continue reading Manga Series Review: Death Note

I Love Spring Book Tag

Finally the snow is melting and spring is on the way. That doesn't mean that Minnesota won't get another snowfall, but spring snowfalls tend to be wet, heavy, and melts quickly. Let's hope there will be no more snow! But I thought I'd take this time to do another book tag, this one themed around … Continue reading I Love Spring Book Tag

Indie Book Review: Murder by Misrule by Anna Castle

There are many mystery novels I have read which feature a real historical person and gives them a fictional murder mystery series. You see it with the Jane Austen mysteries by Stephanie Barron (where Jane Austen solves murders) and The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter by Susan Wittig Albert (starring Beatrix Potter, the author of … Continue reading Indie Book Review: Murder by Misrule by Anna Castle

Reading Wrap-up: March, 2019

Despite being so busy this month, I read a total of 24 books and 2 short stories. This is probably because I'm reading every moment I have free. I find it so relaxing when I'm stressing about moving to just sit in the silence and read. Plus, it helps that ten of those books are … Continue reading Reading Wrap-up: March, 2019