Daily Thoughts #72

What is the obsession with zombies? There are hundreds of types of apocalypses, not to mention even more types of mythological creatures, and yet now everything seems to be about the zombie apocalypse. It was like the obsession with hating war during the Vietnam War, or obsession with dragons in so many classical fantasy novels. Why is this? Why are there these fads–like vampires in Twilight–that catch the public’s attention and keep it for only so long.

First, I think it’s all about money making. Something becomes popular, and filmmakers, video game makers, and writers try to monetize on some of the popularity by making similar movies, video games, and books. It is much like paraphernalia of the latest movie. Take Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Months before the movie came out, there were toys, soundtrack, clips, and more to hype the movie. And it worked. In a sense, companies know if people are excited about something they are more likely to spend their hard-earned money on similar things. Similarly, with zombies you have people capitalizing on the undead craze.

I am not saying it is wrong to like zombie (I myself enjoy The Walking Dead TV show and video games, as well as many books featuring these creatures). However, it does concern me how we in our culture are so easily obsessed with the latest craze.

What current craze are you into? On the other hand, what current craze do you think is pretty stupid?

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