Daily Thoughts #70

“I built a friend…

And we had so much fun together
We thought we’d be friends forever
And we had so much fun together
We had so much fun

I built a friend”

So goes the song by Alex Benjamin simply called, “I Built a Friend.”

When I hear this song, I often think of my relationship with my characters. Any writer will know that one’s characters often take on a life of their own. They become real people: not merely names on a page. While you write that book, they are your friends. But when you finish it, it feels as if you are losing a friend. That you cannot spend any more time with the people who have stood beside you from the beginning.

Creating characters are, in a sense, like building friends. They may be evil, or foolish, but they are friends all the same. They are a part of you, and cannot be torn away without you losing a piece of yourself.

And when they die, a part of you dies as well. I highly recommend you listen to this song. It impresses me every time I hear its simple lyrics.

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