Daily Thoughts #68

Today I want to talk about relationships. Oh, I know where your mind just went. You probably thought something like, “Why are we talking about romantic love today?”

It is in this reaction that my thought is going to be derived.

I have noticed in a worrying number that there is emphasis given only to romantic relationships when talking about relationships in general. But in fact a relationships could be anything from acquaintances, friends, family, hated enemies, or all of the above.

‘Relationship’ is merely defined by Oxford Dictionary as “the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.” It is that simple.

And yet look at songs. Look at movies. Look at books. All of these mostly dwell on romantic relationships. There are a few songs, movies, and books that do not include romance, but they are rare and far between. Why is this?

Think of real life. Frankly, you probably spend more time with family and friends then you do with your significant other. Your thoughts probably dwell more on worrying about school, work, and friends then it does on finding romance. So why the obsession?

Honestly, I have no proper answer to my own query. Perhaps it is because we like fantasy more than reality. Perhaps because it is easier to see a relationship from the outside then from the inside. Perhaps it is because there is a biological addiction to romance in us (I’m not buying this theory, however). Perhaps it is because our modern culture tells us that, without romantic love, we are nothing.

What are your views on this “addiction to romance?” Why are the only relationships given time in our culture romantic ones?

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