Daily Thoughts #67

In The Glass Slipper, an adaptation from 1955 of Cinderella, the fairy godmother says how fascinating interesting words are. Her example was windowsill.

It surprises me how little emphasis is put on words themselves in English classes. As a writer, one would think that you would have a deep fascination with words. However, I find there is less emphasis on words themselves as schools drift away from traditional writing.

As for me, I get oddly excited (as my friends frequently remind me that I am weird) when I discover a new word that sounds interesting. My most recent word is tuk-tuk (pronounced took-took), which refers to a rickshaw used in Thailand, Cambodia, and other South-East Asian countries. Such a simple word, but it is so fun to say!

Words are fascinating and interesting. So, the next time you find an interesting word, don’t just pass over it. Jot it down. Repeat it a few times. Look up its meaning. The English language is so beautiful, having its influence from so many different languages. Embrace beautiful words!

What’s your favorite word?

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