Daily Thoughts #62

Every good writer will admit that descriptions are essential to an excellent book. While description should be balanced with dialogue and action, that does not make it any less important. Many people have discussed how visual descriptions should be handled. I am not talking about auditory or sensory descriptions. Instead, I am merely focusing on what we as a writer want our readers to see from our descriptions.

I have always thought of describing visuals like being a photographer. Lighting is important as is surrounding. An aura is cast in a haunting firelight before a misty castle. However, the next morning the peaking sun might give a warm glow to the tall walls. Everything is about perspective. How close are you. A tall wall is more intimidating than a tiny flower. In photography, it is all about capturing an intriguing, beautiful moment. This is similar to describing a place or setting in a novel.

It is not just about the place itself, but about all the interesting factors of surroundings, size, light, and colors. A photographer shows beauty of a scene in a picture, whereas a writer shows the beauty of a scene in words. So think about that the next time you are describing a scene in your book.

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