Daily Thought #56

The concept of tiny living fascinates me. This growing movement advocates minimalism. In our society, I think there is this idea that we need a lot of stuff in order to be happy. That without a huge wardrobe, a massive bathroom, and the latest electronics one could never be happy. The whole idea of tiny living is to not have a big house. It’s more about quality than quantity.

I grew up in a family where having a lot of things was encouraged. My dad loved hoarding things. Whenever we moved we would always get a bigger house. It was only when my father passed away that my family realized how silly this type of lifestyle was. It never made us happy. Quality of life is more about how and who you spend your time with, not how much stuff you have.

Now, I am not saying that you shouldn’t buy anything. I’m just saying that your happiness in life should not be defined on your goal of getting a lot of stuff. Look into tiny living. There are so really cool ideas in the movement that everyone should know about.

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