Daily Thought #55

I am sick today. The cold in my head is making me a little fuzzy, but I still have to write this daily thought, do I not? After fifty-four days of trying to figure out what to say each day, I cannot stop right now.

It got me thinking about how everyone talks of how writers should write every day. On some days, that can be easy, especially when you’re inspired. But on other days, like today when I am sick, you just sit in front of the computer screen with your mind blank. I suppose this is where determination and maturity comes in.

Forcing oneself to do something unpleasant is never easy, but think of a life where everything was pleasant and easy. You would never become stronger. You would remain in a little bubble where you were never challenged to learn, excel, and push yourself towards success. Those who are successful today have done it, so why can’t you?

Force yourself to sit down and write for ten minutes after reading this blog. Just do it. No excuses.

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