Daily Thought #53

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

I heard this saying frequently when I was younger. Growing up, I always preferred nights. They were dark and mysterious. Even so, I have always gone to bed earlier than my millennial counterparts. As a child, I was in bed by nine. Even through collage when all my friends were staying up till two or three in the morning, I would be to bed at midnight or earlier. Now, due to my job (it sucks being a grown-up), I go to bed by eight and wake up between four-thirty and seven (depending if I work that day). Usually, most people my age don’t get up until ten or eleven.

Many professional writers I know have a regimented schedule for writing (for example, they write three hours every morning). However, when I had a more later schedule in college (get up at nine, go to classes, stay up late doing homework or browsing the internet), I never found much time for writing. Now, I find it is because I have to go to my job so early, I have little time to write until the afternoon.

Last fall, I took a week vacation to a wedding and, because in the morning we didn’t hurry to leave, I would write in the hotels. It was then that I realized how many writers are right about writing in the morning (lots of rights). In the evening, you’re tired, you’ve spent hours at school, at work, or socializing. It can be exhausting. The last thing your brain wants to do when you get home if have to be creative and write.

So, if possible, get up a little early in the morning (even if it means going to bed a little earlier too). Try to write. Maybe ten minutes. Make it a habit. Not only will you feel better, but you might just have a more productive writing life.

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