Daily Thought #52

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a 2014 puzzle adventure video game set during World War I. It focuses around the elderly Emile who enters the war to save his son-in-law. It is a heartbreaking story and one of the best video games ever made, in my opinion. If you look at most games, they all have a purpose (may it be fast-paced thrills or humor). Games like this one, similar to The Walking Dead video game series and indie game To The Moon (to name a few), are meant to tug at our heartstrings.

Similarly, books have a purpose. One of the first things you should understand about your own writing and others’ writing is what is the purpose? Is it simply to entertain? To amuse? Or is there a deeper meaning? Part of the reason I love the classics is because they are filled with deeper meanings. Many stories are cautionary tales, like The Canterbury Tales. They tell us not to do certain things or we will surely be doomed.

My favorite types of stories are those which I can learn from. How to live life, for example. In the case of Valiant Hearts, not only did I learn about the first Great War, but I also saw examples of sacrifice, goodness, and humility. I think we all need to learn more about these things in this “I & me” culture.

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