Daily Thoughts #49

I love villains. The antagonists in most movies are usually my favorite characters. I grew up loving Basil Rathbone’s Guy of Gisbourne in the 1938 Robin Hood. My favorite characters in the Star Wars franchise are always the bad guys (Darth Vader, Kylo Ren). It got me thinking about why we love the bad guy. Why everyone’s favorite character in The Walking Dead is the anti-hero Daryl and in Breaking Bad is the protagonist/antagonist Walter White.

There is a sense of realness to these characters. On one hand, they are powerful (and, come on, most of us love when we can root for a powerful character). They do not take any guff. They stand up for themselves. They are interesting. Their personalities are often more complex then those characters who are simply “good.”

What is your favorite villain? Why do you like him/her?

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