Daily Thought #48

My dog loves to sunbath. One of the things she hates about winter is that it is too cold or overcast for her to sit on the deck in the sun. Today, it was warm where I live, especially for February. My dog was laying in the sun slanting into my living room. However, today, as I came home from work, I decided to join her.

There is something so relaxing about sprawling out in the sun and forgetting all your cares and woes for a moment. As a writer (and as a human being), we worry about a lot of inconsequential things (like the idiot driving behind you on your tail who cannot take a hint, or the character who will not do what you want them to do). Sometimes we just need to take a moment to relax, take deep breathes, and not worry so much.

No writing thoughts today, only real life thoughts. So, after you read this post, close your eyes and take some deep breathes for one minute. I guarantee you will feel better afterwards.

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