Daily Thoughts #46

I find it fascinating to learn what strange meanings there are behind classic stories we have heard our entire life. One tidbit I learned recently was about Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (the movie from 1971, not the book). Seven character from the movie represent the Seven Deadly Sins (Veronica is Greed, Augustus is gluttony, Mike is sloth, Violet is pride, Grandpa Joe is envy, Charlie is lust, and Willie Wonka is wrath) Check out HyperVocal’s article by India Kushner for a quite overview. It is a very small thing that I never noticed in the multiple times I have watched the movie.

It got me thinking about how many meanings there are in our favorite books and movies that we  never realized. Every author has an agenda, for the better or the worse. For a few authors the agenda might simply be to entertain, but honestly this is not the majority. We are all biased. And as authors we (consciously or unconsciously) include deeper meanings behind stories.

What surprising tipbit did you discover behind your favorite books, movies, or video games?

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