Daily Thoughts #45

I love quotes. Not only do I browse random quotes on Pinterest and Facebook, but I will literally write my favorite quotes on notes and tape them to my closet door. Perhaps the quotes might be words of encouragement, deep thought, or just something to lighten the mood. It might be a quote by someone famous (like Shakespeare) or an unknown quote I found online. Or, like me, it might be a quote I said when I was extremely over-tired and for some reason I thought it was a good idea to write it down.

Quotes can be a way to compress a lot of information into a little bit. Yesterday I talked about two sentence stories. Quotes, in a sense, stick with us like two-sentence stories. There is a reason why, when you are talking about a movie, usually a quote comes to mind and why quotes from movies are randomly used in every day life (like “I’ll be back” from the Terminator).

Quotes are a way to remember things, to summarize, and to seem more intelligent than you are.

A word of warning, though. In this modern culture where memes and short quotes are rampant, there seems to be little emphasis on going deeper. So enjoy quotes (I know I do), but also understand they do not replace long conversations, reading intricate books, and understanding complex things to which quotes do not lend themselves soundly.

What are you’re favorite quotes (from books or movies, or simply something you just heard)?

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