Daily Thought #42

Let me take a moment to talk about procrastination. I think everyone suffers from procrastination to some extent, whether it is only in a certain area or every part of your life. For me, I never suffered from procrastination when I was growing up. When I started college, the moment I got an assignment I would do it. When I first joined my writing group, I would read and review my fellow writers’ posts soon after they posted it.

And now look at me? I wait last minute to finish tasks. What changed? In my own case, I think it was partially because I saw everyone else procrastinating around me so I fell into the habit. Another reason is because I got more busy. The last, and I think the most important reason, is that I got on the web. I’ve previously talked about how I rarely spent time on the web growing up, and now that I do I find I put things off. “I just need to watch one more Youtube video and then I’ll write my chapter,” I tell myself. Five hours later, I’m cursing my procrastination.

So, how do I break my procrastination? Well, first of all I set deadlines for myself and punishments/rewards if I do or do not complete it. If I write my Daily Thought for the day, I can have a treat. If I don’t, I don’t get a treat. This has worked for me, some of the time, but honestly I’m still struggling. Aren’t we all?

What do you do to cure your procrastination? Or has nothing worked for you?

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