Daily Thought #41

I am not tech savvy. I may love reading, and at least boast to know something about writing, but when it comes to technology, I am lost.

Growing up, my parents rarely let me on the computer and never let me on the web. In fact, I probably first went on the web when I was a teen, and only then with supervision. I may have grown up in the technology age, but I have not always felt part of it.

When I first started writing (and even up until I went to college), I wrote most of my stories by hand. It might have taken longer, but I was more careful and precise about the words I put down on the page. I never had to worry about losing what I was writing because my computer crashed (though I did once drop my notebook in a puddle of mud).

I am not saying technology is not amazing (why would I complain when I do most of my research for books on the web), but I am saying there is some merit to writing the old-fashioned way. That is why, even though now I write my stories on the computer, I still take most of my notes in notebooks. It keeps me grounded and less distracted by all the things on the web that distract writers when they are trying to write.

Unplug. The web is not the source of inspiration: it is just the eyeglasses that let us see it. So take off the glasses once in a while and look around.

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