Daily Thought #33

So I recently joined Facebook (years later then pretty much everyone I know). But since joining, I have learned some very useful tools for writers on Facebook. While I do not see this social media sight as perfect nor is it without its addictions, but if you are on the sight and have an interest in writing, these things I discovered might be of interest to you.

On Facebook you can follow your favorite authors, which means you can learn about their latest books. Many authors will post things about writing, from clips to advice. Also you can follow writing communities as well (The Writer’s Circle is the best one I’ve found). Not only do you see hilarious memes and writing quotes, but there are tons of links to blogs that can help you.

Another interesting thing I discovered was finding out about magazines and writing competitions. You follow some magazines and you will learn about writing contests to enter. Its a great idea for writers who want to get their name out there, especially those who write short stories and poems. Honestly, I usually talk about full novels because they are often more challenging to write, but starting out with shorter stories can actually help you learn the concepts of writing in a more compact setting.

So, if you’re on Facebook, check out your favorite author’s page, magazines, and groups to help a bit with writing.

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