Daily Thought #25

Let me spend a moment addressing the topic of retail therapy. If any of you do not know what that is, it is simply shopping to make yourself feel better. In a sense, it is the substitution to actually paying for going to see a therapist. Now, from time to time I do find retail therapy effective.

As a worker in retail, I often have to opportunity to see what is on sale and what has gone on clearance where I work. Thus, once in a while after work I determine to buy a certain dress, or pants, or something I have clearanced or seen.

Keep in mind I do not condole using retail therapy like an addiction, needing more and more to keep oneself sane. However, once in a while shopping (or many other pleasurable experiences) are good for keeping oneself sane in this crazy world. Simply think of things in moderation (not everything though; I am not condoning murder in moderation), as I have mentioned before.

So, if you once in a while binge on shopping, or food, just remember that some things keep us sane, but what is the world without a bit of madness.

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