Daily Thought #24

I love Pinterest. Any writer, I think, should at least dabble in Pinterest on occasion. Not only are there invaluable articles about writing on there, but there are also pictures that have been collected from many different sources that find their way on that website. It can be inspiring as it is helpful.

You want to figure out a new fantasy animal: Pinterest. You want to find an exotic location for your murder mystery set in the Roaring Twenties: Pinterest. You want to find crazy fashion for your unique dystopian dictator who wears fur and ruffles: Pinterest. If you are looking for some old photographs taken during the Victorian era of precolonial Korea (maybe that one is just me): Pinterest.

The website has pictures that are very easy to navigate: even my mother has no trouble finding cooking recipes (and if she can to it, anyone can [love you, Mom!]). It has DIY projects for every question. It’s got links to articles on everything you could think of. It is a place for research and inspiration.

So, if you are a writer and you are not on Pinterest…well, consider it!

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