Daily Thought #21

Let me talk a moment about food. Yes, food. I am not hugely into cooking. My mom is a fabulous cook, but I usually prefer simply cutting up and snacking on veggies. While I’m not the healthiest of person’s (I LOVE pizza), I am amazed how I eat super healthy compared to what most people consume. I eat some bad food, but there is one ingrediant I stay away from that probably makes the biggest difference.

High Fructose Corn Syrup. Yes, it has a long name and I am amazed how many things it is in. Not only does it saturate pop (or soda, whatever you call it), but its in most candy as well. While I love to have sugar once in a while (often more then I should), I try to keep it as cane sugar. Not only do I find myself getting addicted when I have Corn Syrup, but I also get horrible headaches after eating it. Plus, so many studies say it is horrible for you.

I also tend to stay away from more processed foods. It is so easy to eat these types of food because they are accessible, especially in America. I, unlike many, am not saying cut out all processed foods. Just try to eat it less often. If you want an incentive to eat healthier, keep in mind that processed foods makes you more lethargic. Your head isn’t as clear. So, if you want to feel like you have more energy in the day, look at your diet. Maybe, just maybe, try eating an apple instead of a french fries once in a while.

Okay…my good food rant is done. Back to writing…

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