Daily Thoughts #20

Today is inauguration day in the United States. Whether you are Republican, Democratic, or other, if you are American this is a big day. A new president. Possibly a new future, possibly no change. I will not get into American politics. Personally, I believe there is a place for discussing politics and this writing blog is not that. So let me instead talk about writing about politics.

As I grow older and learn about politics (modern and historically), I begin to understand just how complicated it is. And, as a writer, I believe it is indispensable to study politics because, whether you are writing in a fanciful world or about a teen vampire, politics will enter into your story. Laws. Taboos.

In writing, do not forget that a country is often shaped by its politics. Different sides fight for power. In you want to be a writer, learn about how countries are run. If you are interested in politics, listen to everyone. You may not agree with both sides, but understand where the other is coming from. And don’t get emotionally involved. Understand it on a logical level, but emotionally politics will drive you to a mental institution.

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