Daily Thought #18

Why are people obsessed with horror movies? Why do we like to be afraid? I was thinking about these questions today. There are a lot of movie genres out there and tons of different reasons why we love them. For romance it is because of the happy feeling when the couple ends out together. In dramas it is because we want to see certain character end up happy and certain characters in end up dead.

But in horror movies, there is none of that. There is rarely a happy ending. If there is, there is a hint that the villain is really not dead (take slashers, for example). So why do we love the same formula for horror movies again and again? Is it because the scares get our adrenaline going (we want a high without the drugs)?

Either way, I have never been a big watcher of horror movies. I love horror humor movies (Shawn of the Dead, Cabin in the Woods, etc.), but horror movies seem too predictable for me to enjoy them. Perhaps I am too much of a cynic.

Do you like horror movies? If so, why? What is your favorite?

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