Daily Thought #17

Let me talk a moment about self-publishing. It seems such a random thought, but as a writer who has been writing for over a decade, I think it is something every writer thinks of. My thought is not that self-publishing is a bad idea. It is simply that there are a lot of things about self-publishing that writers do not know. They believe that simply publishing will make then famous.

However, what most don’t realize is that publishing a book is not as important as marketing the book. Getting it out into bookstores and libraries. Traditional publishing companies have a marketing team, but self-publishing leaves that task to you. And a lot of people do not realize how much work that takes.

Christopher Paolini (author of the Inheritance Cycle) actually traveled all over the country with his family to get his book Eragon into bookstores and libraries. Only then did a publishing company snatch him up for his sequel.

Just keep this query is mind. Name one famous author that is still self-publishing. I bet you can’t find one. So, while self-publishing is a good way to get yourself out there, it may be a lot more work that most authors realize.

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