Daily Thought #16

Remember when you were a child and every new experience was so amazing. Just seeing and feeling a pineapple was astonishing. Every sight, every sound, every smell was interesting. It makes me think about how sad it is that most adults have lost this wonder.

Back in college I took an environmental class. For the very last class, we watched a video talking about the frozen wilderness. The documentary featured amazing photography of owls poking their heads out of snowy holes and squirrels chasing each other up trees. For the entire video I could not able smiling and going “oh” and “ah” at how adorable the critters were. Later, when my professor graded my final paper, he commented about how pleased he was to see I still had wonder towards nature.

Life seems so busy now that we do not even stop to admire all the beauty around us, natural or man-made. So take a minute and notice the goodness in life instead of complaining about how horrible things are. Remember, things can always get worse, so notice the beauty in life.

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