Daily Thought #15

Today I am doing some rewriting in my main novel I am writing and, as I start, I thought I would just share was interesting, helpful tip I discovered to aid in the process of rewriting. This applies to both revisions of novels, school essays, and poetry. That is, read it aloud.

It is amazing how many more typos you will notice when vocalizing your words. When rereading merely with your eyes, often you skip over typos that you are used to seeing. But reading out loud aids in catching those pesky bad grammar habits.

Reading aloud dialogue in particular is also an incredibly good idea. You have no idea how often I read a book or short story with dialogue and cannot believe how awkward the character’s speech comes across. After all, though dialogue in a book is written, it is being spoken by the characters. Reading it out loud will help you notice any awkward phrasing that would just not be used in real life.

But just be careful or you, like me, will get a sore throat from reading your novel aloud too long!

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