Daily Thought #14

Let me talk today about food. Food is a necessity for our survival. We would die without it. However, that does not mean that survival is the only function of food. When we are feeling down, a pizza or a tub of ice cream can comfort our misery. When we are feeling adventurous, we are willing to try the spicy Indian place down the road or the raw sushi which makes us puke. Food fills so much of people’s lives, and yet I don’t really think we realize what we are putting into our bodies.

This is not going to be a thought hinting for you to eat better. I don’t care if you eat better. I believe there is a place for once in a while eating for fun. I do not advocate unhealthy eating be any means; instead, I advocate knowledgeable eating. Eating things and acknowledging that they are bad or good for you. Learning what is good and what is bad. For example, most doctors say chicken breasts are great for you, but several recent books have come out saying chicken can actually cause heart problems.

I just think we are such a fast-paced society that we shove things into our mouths without really thinking about what is in it. And maybe we should start caring. Just a thought.

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