Daily Thought #13

I was thinking about how my dog is terrified of our vacuum cleaner (in fact, most dogs I know are). In my eyes, a vacuum cleaner is not scary. It is instead simply a tool to clean the house. But to my dog, it is something loud and terrifying. I began thinking of things that we believe are irrational fears. But to certain people with certain phobias, this is reality. You could not tell my dog that her fear is irrational. She would not understand.

I think we have issues putting ourselves in other people’s shoes. Instead, we downgrade their fears as irrational and uplift our fears as important. Maybe some fears are irrational, but that does not mean we should treat others as less then ourselves because they do not think exactly the same.

Yes, my dog is weird for her fears, but I love her and will always keep her safe away from the vacuum when cleaning is to be done.

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