Daily Thought #10

I want to take a minute today to talk about classics web series. What I mean by this is new vlogs/web series on Youtube based around classical novel plots. The first one I was introduced to was “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries,” based of course on Pride and Prejudice.

I am planning to write my next post this Saturday on it, so I’ll leave details and examples out until then. However, I want instead to talk about how amazing these series are because they bring classical novels that have mostly been forgotten into the modern eye to be understood by a new generation.

Not only does it bring awareness to the classics that have mostly been forgotten, it also makes us understand that the classics feature characters with very similar motivation to that which we have in the modern age. We still have to deal with family drama, lies, selfishness, and evil in this modern age. Nothing has changed say for the setting.

Most people make the comparison that we in the current age are so much better than those in the past. But look at all the horrible things in the world and how horrible people treat each other and ask yourself: Are we really any better?

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