Daily Thought #7

It is winter and, unless you live in the tropics or places like Australia where it is actually summer, you are most probably dealing with colder weather. In the Midwest where I live, the grass is frozen and covered with snow. Other places (like Oregon) are probably pretty rainy right now. Other places are icy. And I find that so many people complain about said weather (the cold, the snow, etc.)

But it got me thinking. What good does complaining do? They don’t move to weather they like. Certainly, if the person they are complaining to agrees, it might develop some sense of comradery. If not, there seems no use in complaining about the weather. It is not as if they can change it. They are not God (thank God!).

Do you get sick of people complaining about the weather, or do you see it as a quick connection to relate to people? What is your favorite type of weather?

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