Daily Thought #6

When I’m writing, often I have trouble getting in the mood. I am pretty sure you guys are the same. It might be due to outside disturbance (writing on a collage campus, for example, or a room filled by crazy children) or it might be something in your head (depression, worrying about work tomorrow).

If I am having these problems, I always find that listening to some audio helps. Whether it is going to Rainy Mood and listening to gentle rain in the background or going on Youtube and finding meditation music that is aligned with whatever I am writing (if I am writing a book set in China, I listen to Guzheng classical pieces).

Since I am the type of person who learns best by writing and by auditory listening, I find this combination helps me concentrate of focusing on whatever story I am writing. If you haven’t tried this technique, you should definitely give it a try.

What are your techniques of getting in the mood for writing?

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